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Umba Week report 26 September – 3 October | Salmon Junkies

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Umba Week report 26 September – 3 October

October 5th, 2015 - steffen


Almost each morning there was a cold and crunchy winter message along the river, and daily we could hear the migrating whopper swan high above us. In spite of October coming up, the Osanka salmon were still climbing the rapids of Krivetz and they will continue to do so after the ice has put a lid on the river.

Some few highlights from the past week. Krivetz was once again a big part of the game and most anglers in the group enjoyed spectacular fishing there. For Umba veteran, Kai Welle, his last week at the river will probably be a bittersweet memory since he midweek hooked and landed a beautiful 17Lb Umba whopper in Secret pool. Two days’ later Kai hooked a very big salmon that showed him no mercy. It was in Golden Pool he hooked this very big fresh salmon. The fight started with a brutal and furious long run that stripped Kai´s Saracione reel for more than 150 meters of line. This nerve-cracking scene went on for a few but very long seconds before the monster finally decided to set in a fearsome attack, when it went around a big rock in the middle of the river…and unfortunately the nylon leader broke .

Danish Peder Langkjær managed for the second time to crack a Thirty Pounder. In 2012 he landed a 34Lb Salmon in Golden Pool during his first visit to Umba. And this last week he did it again – In Pine pool he hooked a magnificent salmon that took Peder on a thrilling 400 meters ride down to Island pool where his guide Farit could net and scale the “Beast”. Peder was using a small Thunder & Lightning tube fly Zonker style fished on a Skagit Line and a T 8 Sinking tip. As an extra twist to the hole story is that Peder caught his fish on a self-made fly reel similar to the famous Hardy Perfect reel. 32 Lb of true autumn-silver was the unforgettable prize.

For French Alain Guioton, who visited Umba for the first time, Island pool will probably go into his heart and memory for the rest of his life. He managed to hook and land two super fresh Umba Salmon on 17Lb and 22 Lb.

In spite of three sunny weather which made it difficult for us, almost all rods in the group got their fresh Twenty pounder last week, meaning that our lovely Umba Logde was witness to a lot of vodka-celebrations last week because of new members in the “20 Lb Club”.

Largest fish were following:

8 Salmon between 10Lb – 14Lb

7 Salmon between 15Lb – 19Lb

5 salmon between 20Lb – 25Lb

1 Salmon 32Lb

Best flies were following:

Red Butt, The Cascade, Thunder and Lightning, Sunray Shadow style flies fished on floating lines and various sinking tips.

Stay tuned for more Umba News

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