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Who we are?

Who is better to tell about who we are than our guests? Please read below their experiences with us.


Dear Steffen!

Just wanted to tell you what a grand I had during my stay at Umba Lodge. The food was elegant, and fully as delicious as it looked. Our cabin was clean, cozy, and attractive. I enjoyed every evening at the fireplace with all the nice people in order to share great story’s with a bottle red wine.

The fishing was a ton of fun. I’m no fanatic about big fish but I do like action, and even on the slowest days we caught quite a few fish, and there are still big Monster waiting of a lucky Salmon fisher! Frankly, I can’t imagine how you could catch many more during the period of time I fished.

It’s great just hiking up to Golden Pool with only tackle and lunch in hand to find Salmons waiting in the water. The Osenka Salmons are sometimes very big, but even the smaller ones were big enough to be fun!

And we caught enough 6 – 12 lbs to keep us on our toes. Some of the fish we caught were surprisingly strong— 14 – 18 lbs running hard and tearing line off a screaming reel? Making three or four such wild runs? I’d have trouble believing it if it weren’t my own reel that was doing the screaming.

In summary I caught in my 2 weeks stay 18 Salmons and that was more I’ve expected:

10 Salmons between 4 and 10 lbs

6 Salmons between 14 and 18 lbs

2 salmons between 22 and 24 Lbs

Our Fishing guide Daniel Podolsky is truly an inspiring and almost freakishly intuitive fly fishing guide – so much so that I now refer to him as the Salmon Whisperer!  I spent 2 Weeks out on the river with him, and it was unlike any fishing I have ever done – challenging, exciting and crammed full of lessons (he is also endlessly patient).  I cannot recommend Daniel’s experience enough – he knows the water, he knows the fish and he is a good bloke as well.

I have been to the Umba Lodge now multiple times and have already rebooked for next year. The fishing is for Atlantic Salmon, so there are good days and there are great days. If you want to spend some time in pretty Umba Lodge and on the beautiful Umba and Krivetz, eat wonderful food, and explore a variety of lovely Flyfishing Water containing aggressive Atlantic Salmons, I’d suggest you come to Umba Lodge.

The only regret you will have when you leave the Umba Lodge is that your visit was too short.

Best Regards

Kai Welle / Germany


Dear Steffen

Thank you again for last week (6 – 13 September) – I enjoyed myself enormously and to catch four 20lb + salmon in a week is fantastic.

I send as promised a couple of images of the fish I caught on Home Pool. You took the images on the Pine Pool.

I hope the remaining time there is enjoyable and please keep in touch. I will of course be coming at the same time next year God willing!

Kindest regards,

Illtyd Griffiths / Wales


Hi Steffen

August 2014 were my second Umba trip and the first Umba trip for my wife Beate. When I booked our week at Umba, I wasn`t sure if Beate would like this kind of fishing trip fishing / adventures, but I took the chance anyway

After some amazing days in Moscow on Beate’s birthday, we reached Umba Lodge via Murmansk early Saturday morning.

Your new bus is “State of the art” compared to the old bus. Now the transport to Umba is easy and without any problems at all. After we arrived to the fantastic Umba Lodge we got our nice and clean room and fell asleep very fast. Saturday around noon we started the fishing, and after a while Beate had her first breathtaking Umba Salmon around 14 Ibs. The fishing wasn`t easy that day, particular on the lower beats. Now we understand why the Atlantic Salmon is called “ the fish of thousand casts”. However the next 3 days we fished the Krivetz with fantastic success. We got plenty of salmons between 8 Lb to 15 Lb in all the Krivetz pools with some smaller fish in the 6 Lb range, but it was good fun as I was using my #6 switch rod. Day 4: Back into the lower Umba section where I had a nice pike at the left side of home pool. 10 minutes later I hooked and lost a monster Salmon straight under our jet boat. Next days we were back in Krivetz. We enjoyed tremendous the walks up through the peaceful beautiful forest, and I still remind these walks with pleasure. That day our best fishing was in Island pool where we landed four salmon within 50 minutes – that was a incredible afternoon.

Last day during the afternoon I decided to smoked a cigar and relaxed at the bank of the amazing office pool. Suddenly Beate asked me to wade out in Office to do five cast with a Billy Butt fly attached to my nylon – Not Four or six cast, but five cast. I started to swing my fly through the fast inlet water in the top section of Office pool. All who have fished office pool knows, that this pool is not easy. In my fifth cast a very hard pull came and I was suddenly into a furious Salmon fight in one of the toughest and most demanding salmon pool in the world. That salmon went three times into the rapids below the pool, of course with a lot of backing line, but 25 minutes later I could maneuver a fresh silver 15 Ibs salmon into the net

What a wonderful way to finish a brilliant fishing week at Umba.

Beate and I want to express our thanks to you and the whole Umba crew – we will be back for sure

Beate & Uwe Kopp / Germany


Hello Steffen, 

I would like to thank you and your Umba team for a great time at the Umba Lodge this autumn. During many years I have been fishing this wonderful place – Umba has become a very important part of my fishing life. Despite the difficult conditions and the low water level in my first week this season, I caught 13 beautiful fish in this week – A result that speak for itself.

Whenever I fish Umba river I always have the feeling that the next fish can be a 20 pounder or bigger, as the opportunity is always there.

Like in the previous years, I was lucky enough to exceed the 20 pound mark again this year – incredible and wonderful.

I am already looking forward to the autumn in 2015. Please book me in.

Greetings from Lauterbach 

Heinz Pape / Germany


“Salmonfishing is often hard work and takes a lot of experience. When you combine that with a bit of luck you sometime hit the Jack-pot. This is what happened to me during my first week in Umba 30/8 – 6/9 2014. I was fortunate enough to land 16 beautiful salmon and lost about the same numbers. The icing of the cake was two shiny Osenkas pulling the scale down to 31 and 27,5 Lbs. The challenging river and its surroundings in autumn colors combined with the friendly atmosphere will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you Steffen and all of the staff for a great week.

Best Regards

Pär Häggqvist / Sweden



I hope that you made it home safely Orla. We had a relaxing day in Kirkenes with
Mark, eating snacks and watching TV memorizing our week at wonderful Umba. I have enclosed a Photo of one of my Umba salmon from this season. I would like
to thank you for being such an excellent camp manager and a nice person, it
was a pleasure to meet you at Umba. I will
send you some more photos, and I will send them separately like you requested. I
hope we will meet soon again.

Best regards

Martin Honkanen
 / Finland


Salue Steffen

Back home now – Today I manage to take a serious look at all the pictures of my wonderful trip to Grand Varzuga and Umba for the first time. At the end of this week I made CD`s with some of the best pic`s and sent it to you. It was really great to fish Grand Varzuga with you – please sent special regards to Umba manager Orla, and Grand Varzuga fishing guides Andreas and Mark.

Tight lines:

Andreas Witt / Switzerland


My week in Salmon Heaven!!!

After a long wait and in retrospect unfounded nervousness, I began on 7 June this year my journey to Russia, in order to fish Salmon Junkies program on Grand Varzuga!

The arrival was organized very well and above all without any problems at all. We reached Grand Varzuga camp late in the afternoon after a relaxing and specular helicopter flight.

In the camp Steffen and his Top team gave us a very friendly WELCOME – A memorable Fishing weeks was about to start. Already on the first evening the 10 rods group caught 30 Salmon during a small four hours session. By the end of the week my friend Markus Kemmer caught 55 Salmon and 47 salmon for my own rod. More than 50% of the fish was between 10 Lb to 17 Lb

My very good friend from Scotland, World record Spey caster Scott Mackenzie asked me to fish his brand new DTX Mackenzie atlas 13″7 Spey rod. Not only I was thrilled by this rod but also several other guys in the camp was amazed by this marvelous Spey rod – Thanks to Scott and Steffen for making my week so complete and memorable. I´ll be Back!!!

Best Regards

Willy Behr / Germany


Hi Steffen – Back to normal life. The week we had on the Grand Varzuga was my best fishing week ever (54 Salmon to my own rod). Thanks again, that you made it possible. I know it is not always easy to make everybody happy, because of weather and water conditions. I met also some very kind people and Grand Varzuga, which completed the week.

Best regards

Markus Kemmer / Germany


Hi Steffen

I am back in office now, but in reality with my thoughts I am still fishing Gran Varzuga!

What a great week we had. Incredible fishing together with a bunch of super friendly Salmon Junkies. Thank you very much Steffen – It was really a pleasure to fish with you throughout the whole week. Also many thanks to all staff there and of course to the two great fishing guides Mark Leander and Andreas Andersson. I think it is worth mentioning the great fun I had chasing salmon on dry flies. The river itself is really perfect for dry fly fishing. In some pools we have had even ten fish rising both on Bombers (Russian flag, orange, green and natural colors) and “F. Y. Arne white Skaters”.

A truly unforgettable experience.

Thank you again


Franco Sirtori / Italy


A BIG THANKS STEFFEN!!!!!!! I wanted to let you know, that I made it trough the rest of the trip safely home, and returned home scheduled Monday. A Million thanks to you and all the staff for everything you did to make my stay at the Grand Varzuga so successfully and enjoyable. I had the best salmon fishing in my life with a lot of very happy memories.

Grand Varzuga is indeed a MAGICAL place, and the quality of the Salmon and the fishing is absolute fantastic.

A special thanks to the to your two Swedish Fishing guides Mark Leander and Andreas Andersson who both did a very very good Job.

All the best

Willy Behr / Germany


My first Salmon – Umba river

Hej Steffen

My first Atlantic Salmon on a Fly! And what a beauty! 🙂

This funky 14 lbs. took my fly (Red Butt) at Upper Rats and my knees where shakin’ immediately, because half an hour before i lost one about 8 lbs. at Junction Pool. So this one had to be mine and it took me 15 extremely nervous and sweating minutes and some calming words of Thorsten (thanx, buddy!) to get it.

And than it was mine. What an experience. That was f****** awesome!

Several friends of mine warned me before: Do you REALLY want to do this? Nothing will be like before! Think about that! Well, I did. And i have to say: They were right. I’m hooked. I’m a Junky now. I will come back again! 😉

Cheers, mate! And thanks a lot for the opportunity to fish at such a fantastic river like Umba!

Hope to see you soon!


Jan Blumentritt


Hey Steffen and Kåre,

Thanks for your terrific organization. You guys from Salmon junkies have done an excellent job once again.
After a week back in Germany, I really start to understand which unique week I had in Umba 1- 8 October. All together I caught 7 salmon and three over 20 Ibs. ++ (20, 24, 26 Ibs- 95 cm, ) – simply unbelievable. I’m infected after my second year in UMBA. – now I think I am on my way being a true “Salmon Junkie”.
I would like to book for next year in Umba.
The week 38 and 39 would be my temporal favorites. Is anything still free? – Please let me know.

Many thanks,


Ps. All my Salmon took a Billy Butt size 6


Hi Steffen

What a week we had. Thank you for your hospitality. It was also a great party and good to make new friends. I know Illtyd has booked and we have a mutual friend who we are hoping will come as well. No doubt some of the others will be back as well. Memories of my last day will remain with me for ever….Beautiful fresh fish of 10, 18 and 26lbs.

With best wishes

David A. Birnage


Hi All
I want to thank all of you most sincerely for a wonderful week’s fishing on the Umba, you made it all so easy for me to have the wonderful opportunity to fish the glorious Umba.
Every part of the trip was absolutely first class. On the drive from Murmansk to the lodge and back again the drivers were excellent, very careful and taking no chances. The Lodge itself surpasses much more expensive one’s I have used in America, the cuisine was excellent, if a little strange at times. The guide’ Igor is probably the best guide / ghillie I have ever had the pleasure of fishing with. He is so courteous and helpful at all times and nothing you ask of him is any problem. The river itself is what most people would dream of when considering Atlantic salmon fishing, it is just so perfect.  I want to thank Anne Mette for being so professional in arranging the trip (Steffen did his little bit too ). Kare for all his invaluable advice and last but not least the C.E.O. Steffen for putting up with me. You guy’s deserve to do very well together as a team. I think that I would make Anne Mette the C.E.O. and make Steffen number two fishing guide.

Jim has already being in contact with you about next year so I will not comment on that except to say that it will not come quick enough.

Kindest regards,

Tom Sharkey.


Hey Steffen – This year 2011 has been an awesome year of salmon fishing for me. It started in July with a week on the Gaula River in Norway followed by 3 days in Iceland, and then topped off with the week on the Umba.  I had great fishing in Norway and Iceland, but my week on the Umba was like frosting on the cake. What a way to end my year! I have to tell you that my last day on the Umba was one of the best days of my salmon fishing career, which spans more than 37 years now. I have had lot of days were I have caught more salmon in one day, which were also memorable days, but to catch 5 salmon of 16, 16, 18, 19 and 20 pounds (a 17.8 pounds per fish average) has to stand out as the most memorable of all of previous best days by far.  In addition, the fresh run fall salmon in the Umba have to be the most beautiful and strong salmon that I have seen anywhere.  They are absolutely awesome fish….a true test for any angler! The Umba is as beautiful a river as I have seen anywhere.  That is not to say it is an easy river to fish.  The Krivetz section of the river requires a lot of walking to get to the beats, the wading is treacherous in many areas and the constantly changing current seams and dead spots require good casting and line control skills, but the rewards are certainly worth the pain and efforts.  I have already started to try to figure out how I can get back to the Umba for another try at the legendary Osenka salmon there, so I am sure that I will be back again in another year or two.

Best regards,

Terry Nab

Lewiston, Idaho USA



Respected angler/famous author from the USA, Richard Nightingale, has fished with Steffen Juhl on several occasions and is very enthusiastic about the way things are done, even going as far as calling Steffen “our modern day Lee Wulff”. High praise indeed. He says about the camp and fishing:The Ponoi is today the most prolific Atlantic salmon river in the world. It is wide, relatively shallow and easily waded. The fish are not as large as in the Laxa i Adaldal or the Grand Cascapedia, but their abundance satisfies everyone except the fish hog. With only two fishing camps on the river, there is plenty of space for everyone. “Ponoi Acha is a real fisherman’s camp. After dinner you have the option of fishing in front of the camp or joining an angler’s impromptu round table. I prefer the latter since you gain new insights on methods and techniques for luring Salmo salar.”

Richard Nightingale.

New Jersey, USA


Dear Steffen,

The week on Acha camp was .SUPERBE..We were just 6 anglers: 3 from Amerika,1 from Finland and 2 from France. The weather was changing every half day. We had all sorts of conditions – From tough and unmerciful heavy rain for 2 days, to warm and sunny days…Temperature from 8 to 18° Celsius.

Level of the river up and down, every day….Salmons were certainly running this week, so good conditions for the fishing.

We was using all methods. Dry flies. Rifling hitch and traditional methods…And finally – No Mosquitoes…Just a Salmon heaven. Total of the week were 300 fish, 45 were weighted between 11 and 22 pounds (the Ponoi since 2 years now produce bigger size of fish than the past)

The French team was the “Winner”, with an unbelievable number of 159 salmons.(my partner caught 85 and myself 74)

Every one broke his own record, regarding number and/or weight..Paradise…

The last evening our American friend promised the whole group that he would come back next year speaking fluent French…He were sure that the Russian salmons understand the French…

Very warms thanks to Camp manager Steffan. He was as usual a perfect camp manager, to the guides always at disposal, and ready to give a good advice, and to the staff, very efficient, and friendly, all day long – It was surly a wonderful week…


Bernard Lunel


Dear Steffen,

I must send my heartfelt thanks to you and your staff for a wonderful introduction to the Ponoi. The conditions proved difficult, but your guides rose to the challenge and gave me and my Spey pages guests the expert advice we needed to find fish. I’ve included a picture of a memorable fish I landed a few days into the trip.
As I have learned on the steelhead waters of British Columbia, to be truly great a river must demand the best of an angler–skill, patience, and above all unshakable faith–and Ponoi is everything a great river must be. I had hoped that salmon fishing in Russia would provide me with that which I value most in steelhead fishing–moments of glory and despair, and above all grand adventure–and Ponoi exceeded my expectations.

Tight lines

Dana Sturn


Dear Steffen

Fishing and travelling in Russia is never boring. I have been fishing on the Kola Peninsula for some seasons now and I must admit thet every trip is a new experience in one way or the other. This year we gathered the Danish Salmon Mafia and visited Pacha / Acha camp on the fantastic river Ponoi. Everybody was tackled up for Dry Fly salmon fishing on the last week of the season, but we were meet with very high water lever (+2 meter) and conditions never seen before in Ponoi.

The Mafia members are well tackled, so the changing conditions were not a problem. Fishing was tough and weather was changing along the week, but the team worked hard Twenty four hours. Some very nice fish was landed during the week on almost all flies. Ponoi is Ponoi and never lets you down – that is a true statement – We managed to land more than 200 salmon and with some nice fish around in the 15 – +20 lbs range, I landed a silver fresh 15 lbs salmon in Acha Home pool that nearly stripped me for 200 m of backing, and it jumped like no other salmon I have hooked before. Few places if any in the world can offer that.

Thanks a lot to all the guides and especially to Daniel and Steffan for fighting with us day and night, and for super service in both camps.

Thanks Ponoi – hope so se you again, maybe next year.

Tight lines

Bo Bengtsson


Just to say these are good guys! I have fished in Russia (on the Umba) with Steffen and he know his job and is amongst finest salmon fishers I have seen. He seems to know exactly where a salmon will be and then cast right to it with his single handed rod! Mind you he is makiing short casts as he is normally in the middle of the river! No trees behind him either! Also a great photographer with imagination. Tippet UK.


Hi Steffen,

This was my 10th trip to the Kola peninsular, and I have to say one of the best. The Ponoi is second to none in terms of comfort and quality. The river is spectacular and the fishing superb, with great variety in the size of the fish. Generally on the Kola you either get smaller fish in quantity or large fish in smaller numbers. Here we had large numbers of fish, and at least 10% were over 15lbs. Whether 5 lbs or 20 though, once the river warmed up a bit, they fought like torpedoes.

Best regards



Hi Steffen,

I am writing to let you know what a fantastic and memorable time my brother and I had last week on the Acha float trip.  Unbelievably it was just the two of us on the trip and we were looked after brilliantly by Sacha and his two sons, Ed and Joseph.  We had let them know at the start of the trip, to just relax, not to bother too much with the formalities that they might need to do with a larger party and this was sealed and firm friendships were made that evening with polishing off a bottle of fine malt whisky.  The fishing started a little later than usual, I suspect, on Sunday morning but we had terrific sport for the first three days at the top camp.

Things slowed a little in the middle of the week with the water temperature rising but that did not dampen our spirits and we took to swimming the river instead.  With the colder weather on the last couple of days, we once again had unbelievable sport, particularly on the last day when phil and I landed 20 fish between us, with many more that could have been landed had we not been playing them so hard, in order to return them safely.  My last hour on the acha was landing 4 fish, losing 4 fish all on a fastly stripped and skated muddler, on a pool about half a km up from the acha camp, casting into the shallow water and retrieving into deeper water watching these submarines bow-wave towards the fly.

Phil and I weren’t too bothered about the ‘numbers game’, but were delighted with the amount of fish that we finally got – something around the 65 mark for the week – more importantly with many memorable takes and lost fish, the biggest being a cracking 18 pounder on the first day.  Apart from the first fish which I landed on a double hander, all the rest were landed on single handed rods – with one rod fishing with possibly the cheapest rod money could buy – a Shakespeare beginner rod that cost around 20 pounds (bought in an emergency about two years ago) – this landed close to 30 fish leaving us both with incredibly sore wrists but smiles on our sunburnt faces.

We have to write a special mention of thanks also to Steffan, who looked after us fantastically well at Murmansk and for two days at the Acha camp (we arrived a day earlier as Sacha and the boys were packing up the two camps).  He also kindly took us out on the final evening for a couple of hours on the Ponoi with Mark, one of the Scandinavian guides there which resulted in 4 fish, including a nice 15 pounder landed on 6lb nylon.  A privilege to fish the mighty Ponoi, but definitely the Acha was a much more interesting experience, we probably only fished through pools no more than twice, and while floating down, missed many magnificent pools that we’ll save until next year.

We would love to provisionally book a week again doing the float trip – probably one week earlier I think next year so please let me know the availability and pricing.

Very warm regards

Dominic Maciocia

Big thanks.

Still trying to “land” on the ground after Kola…. Very Difficult!!!


Thanks to Steffen for giving me the opportunity to experience this fantastic salmon fishing. I caught over 30 salmon and sea trout and had a great time with riffling hitch and fresh 10 pounds on the single hand rod!

The group was super and we all got along really well. I wouldn’t be surprised if I meet some of them again.

So once again, thanks guys for providing good fun and company.

Kind regards,

Jan Delaporte


Dear Steffen

Thank you very much for all your hard work and wonderful hospitality last week. I had a fantastic time and have many happy memories. Acha is a magical place and the quality of the fishing is superb. It is now back to hard work! I hope you have a great season and hope very much to see you next year.

Tight lines



Hi Steffen,

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that Craig and I made it through the rest of our trip safely and returned home on schedule this past Friday morning, and to thank you again for everything that you did to help make our stay at the Pacha and Acha Camp successful and enjoyable for all of us.  I am not sure how the week would have gone if you had not come to visit the camp for those 3 days.

All of us were extremely grateful for your presence and help.  Although the water level in the river was much higher than normal, maybe higher than it has ever been in July, the fishing was still very good.  I landed 38 salmon and my friend Craig landed 27.  My largest was somewhere between 18 and 20 pounds, and I had quite a few that were between 10 and 15 pounds.  I had very few that were under 6 pounds.  That was by far the best week of salmon fishing I have ever had.  My only regret for the week was that I did not get to see the true nature of the water at low level with the water being so high.

I am sure that there would be many more places to fish with normal water level and that many of them would be more fun to fish with more of the structure (ie, boulders, breaks, etc.) showing.  See the river at normal level for summer is what will drive me to return to the river as soon as possible.  That, plus being able to skate dry flies, which I really did not get the opportunity to do this trip with the high water.  I tried to skate a muddler several times in the later part of the week when the water temperature had warmed, but was not able to raise any salmon to the surface.  It seemed like they should come to the surface, but they did not, perhaps I just did not try long enough, or in the right place.

I wish I could say I was glad to be home, but I wish I was still fishing on the Ponoi.

Best regards,

Terry Nab


Salmon paradise Ponoi!!!

Week 28, at Acha camp Ponoi turned out to be my dream vacation.

The fishing was fantastic, in 6 days I landed no less than 72 beautiful Atlantic salmon with an average of 12 to 14 pounds. More than 50% was fresh fish from the sea.

All the fish was very aggressive on the fly, and dry flies were deadly when the river was clear.

Thanks to the always smiling local staff, and a special thanks to the legendary camp manager Steffen Juhl who  did a fantastic job.

I often find my self dreaming about the incredible week I had in Ponoi, this is truly a “salmon paradise”.

Hope to be back next year.

Best regards

Henrik Nielsen


Dear Steffen,

I made it safely back to Houston after another wonderful week at the Ponoi Acha camp. I’ve made a number of trips to Kola over the years, and as with all salmon fishing the results have varied. This summer, my good friend Anders Wolmar had put together a truly mixed group of avid anglers from Belgium, Holland, Italy Sweden, Denmark and Norway. I truly enjoy this mix of backgrounds and nationalities, all having one thing in common, a burning interest for fly-fishing and Atlantic salmon. We quickly bonded, and had a great time, often well into the early hours.

Unfortunately, you had to travel back home, for family reasons, a few days prior to our arrival. Your deputy camp manager, Steffan Jensen, had to step up to the plate, and take the command. You have trained him well, as this change went without a flaw. Any difficulties or issues were invisible to the guests, and that is essential for an operation where we all live so close together. Great contingency planning. It should also be mentioned that guide Daniel and the rest of the staff also greatly helped out to make our stay as pleasant as possible.

Last time I visited the Acha camp, we lived in permanent tents. Since that visit, the camp has been upgraded, and were greeted with our own wooden cabins of good quality.

The Ponoi was running unusually high for this time of the year, and that affected our fishing somewhat. But that said, I believe we caught 270 salmon between the group, and that was a very good result considering the conditions. I can’t think of anywhere else in the world where you can catch this amount of salmon in 6 days of fishing.

All in all, we had a wonderful trip and vacation, all thanks to you and your well trained and organized staff. It didn’t hurt that we were fishing what is possibly the best Atlantic salmon river on the planet, either.

We will be back.

Best regards

Inge Solberg


Hi Steffen

First of all I would like to thank You for giving me the chance to fish the Ponoi. Fishing the Ponoi was something I´ve dreamed about since 16 years – a dream came true. The salmon fishing at Ponoi is out of this world. It´s like dreaming the most realistic salmon dream. The fishing there is incomparable to everything I´ve experienced so far – it feels like a dream. Once You felt that special Ponoi spirit You´ll never forget feeling it and dreaming of feeling it again. I´m not fishing for salmon since 30 years but my first salmon fishing decade has past several years ago. Most of the time I´ve spent in Norway and therefore I can really evaluate the quality of salmon fishing at Ponoi. Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to fish together.

Maybe at some place out there in Russia we´ll get the chance to do so.

It was great meeting You. It´s always very amazing meeting a person with the same passion. It feels like knowing you for several years. I hope we stay in touch and I wish You a very successful season in Ponoi

Best regards

Sven Nedved


Hi Steffen

This must be the dream text in every fly-fishermans calendar. At least it was (and still is) in mine. Week 28, 2006 was quite hot, but Home pool & Beat 2 became my safe favorites. If the day had been “Hot and sunny”, a few hours of after-dinner-fishing here quickly brought up the numbers. And if the day had been “good” the same number of hours would change it to “unbelievable”. And most of the days were “really good”…!

Thank you, Steffen, for a truly fantastic week. Also thanks to all of the guides and staff in the camp. I hope I will be able to visit you very soon again.

Best Regards

Allan Ottosen


Hi Steffen;

I just visited your website advert for Umba

It has to be one of the best sites on Russian fishing I have ever seen. Very honest and informative on the run sizes and types. Also, very fair warning on the hiking and wading. GREAT STUFF! Hard core very experienced anglers will appreciate this honest and intense informative approach; of that I am sure!

Keep up the great work


Bill Bryden

Eureka Outdoors Inc



Big thanks Steffen.

Still trying to “land” on the ground after Kola…. Very Difficult!!!
Thanks to Steffen for giving me the opportunity to experience this fantastic salmon fishing. I caught over 30 salmon and sea trout and had a great time with riffling hitch and fresh 10 pounds on the single hand rod!
The group was super and we all got along really well. I wouldn’t be surprised if I meet some of them again.

So once again, thanks guys for providing good fun and company.

Kind regards,

Jan Delaporte

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DSCF2193_Fotor image2_Fotor WP_20151006_16_01_01_Pro_Fotor Umba2015 22lbs02 PA020067_Fotor P9070656_Fotor DSCF2417_Fotor kopi DSCF2312_Fotor IMG_0114 releasing-salmon-home-pool image image-kopi umba-guideigor stephane-warnier-grandvarzuga fishing-machine-peter-kremsner fish-2-3 img_0272 imgp3556 img_9536 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Marcy Stone dsc_redc cimg1025 cimg1029 p1020410-1 r-umba-oct-2011-073-1 r-umba-oct-2011-026 p1020405 p8160294-1 p8160291-1 p1010199 p1000446 p10000331-1 22lbs terry terry-4 terry-2 p1090157 p1090125 l1010100 l1010092 l1000991 l1000947 l1000898 l1000814 l1000769 l1000694 img_1978 img_0365 dscf0155 1-umba-aug-2011

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